Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that effects the respiratory system mainly through loud breathing, snoring, or inconsistent breathing. This can possibly be dangerous to your well being and health if not taken care of. At Brigham City Smiles, a simple consultation will help us discover if the simple oral devices we can prescribe fit your needs and ease your sleep apnea. If we’re not the best route for you, we’ll refer you to a specialist who can help.

Here is what our process looks like to treat sleep apnea…

  1. Take a questionnaire to see if you’re eligible for dental sleep apnea treatment.
  2. Dentist checks your mouth for signs of teeth grinding and other signs of sleep apnea
  3. Doctor determines eligibility between questionnaire “sleep score” and examination
  4. If qualifies, you’ll head home with equipment to perform a simple sleep study at home
  5. We work with an MD to officially diagnose your condition and prescribe an ‘oral appliance’
  6. The devices look like a clear retainer that can correct your sleep apnea, teeth grinding and snoring by shifting your jaw and tongue forward throughout the night
  7. Come in for a 6-month follow-up to make sure your treatment is serving you well


What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?
Feeling tired after a full night’s rest, drowsiness during the day, snoring, dry mouth, mood swings, headaches, etc.

How do you get diagnosed with sleep apnea?
If eligible, we recommend getting tests done called a sleep study or polysomnogram. The results will determine if you have sleep apnea and how severe it is. This will assist in determining the best options for treatment.

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