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Within the root of each tooth, there is a substance called pulp which is the “living” part of the tooth. Dental pulp contains nerves, bloods vessels, and its main purpose is to bring nutrients to the tooth. When the pulp of a tooth gets infected or inflamed, the best way to treat it is with a root canal. In the root canal treatment, the canal(s) of the tooth is simply cleaned and disinfected. The canal(s) are then filled and capped with a protective cap or crown. A root canal may be a great alternative to getting a tooth extracted if circumstances are right.


What are the symptoms of a possible root canal?

  • Tooth aches and pains
  • Worsening tooth sensitivity
  • Tender or swollen gums
  • Darkening of a tooth
  • Pus filled pimple on the gums.
  • Abscess

How long does the procedure take?
Approximately 40-90 minutes

How much does a root canal cost?
Cost of a root canal varies depending on tooth, difficulty, and how bad it is. If the tooth is too difficult, the doctors may refer you to an endodontics specialist. Contact our office to get an estimate. (435) 734-2248.

Is pain after a root canal normal?
The area will be sore for a few days after the procedure as well as your jaw from keeping your mouth open. Pain may peak within the first few days. Over-the-counter medications and lots of rest will help you recover and heal.

How soon can I return to normal activity?
You can typically return to your normal routine just 2-4 hours after your procedure. It is wise to take it easy the next few days.

How soon can I eat after getting a root canal?
We recommend waiting until the numbing has worn off. However, you can eat within an hour of the procedure. Try to avoid chewing or biting with the treated tooth until a crown has been placed.

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